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  • As president and owner of the Orange County Speakers Bureau for over 30 years, Joanne Van Hook provides the caring service and efficient follow up for all your speaker needs.

    She brings experience, understanding and grace to each and every client.

    You will find that all your needs and expectations concerning the top motivational speakers and the famous motivational speakers who are celebrities will be taken care of with the utmost attention to detail.

  • It's easy to see why
    "You get the credit,                      while we do the work!"

Save time & money!

  • There are thousands of top motivational speakers out there... How do you choose the right one for your meeting?
  • Since 1975, we have helped organizations like yours find the best motivational speakers, celebrities and engaging entertainment to make their meetings successful and memorable.

  • We are free agents with no exclusive speakers or managed speakers, so our recommendations are unbiased and objective. 

We do the work,
YOU get the credit!

Your organization’s needs 

and meeting goals are our first priority

  • Look to us as part of your meeting planning staff at NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE to your company. The speakers pay us a small commission charge for being their agent.

  • We consult with you at no charge!

  • Our world-wide database is filled with outstanding keynote speakers, top motivational speakers, authors, business experts, political leaders, sports celebrities, media personalities, and great famous motivational speakers.
    If they're not listed in our database, we will find them for you!


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  • "Why spend time surfing hundreds of speaker's websites...when we can send you the perfect speakers and the specific information you need, saving you time and money."

- Joanne Van Hook, President

A Database full of the best motivational speakers for your Keynotes and Workshops


  • "Finding the best motivational speakers that will connect enthusiastically with your audience is always a challenge.
         We find that these topics will bring  high level of interest and satisfaction for a time well spent."  -Joanne Van Hook  

Check out these selections 

from our wide-ranging DATABASE:

"Winning Sales Tactics for Tough Times"

Keeping a High Spirited Attitude

in Low-Down Times" 

"Organize for Productivity"

"A Glimpse Around the Bend:
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You."

"The Latest Technology Edge
for Your Business"

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